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Johnson's Crook and The Preserve at Rising Fawn

The Preserve at Rising Fawn

A Special Place with Another Chance

Aerial of Johnson's Crook in Dade County, GA
Located in the foothills of Lookout Mountain, the Preserve at Rising Fawn is nestled in a horseshoe like valley called Johnson's Crook. The "Crook" is one the most geologically unique and environmentally sensitive areas in the Chattanooga metropolitan area and has had the attention of conservationists and developers for many years. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GaDNR) identified it as a “site of statewide significance” and nominated it in 1992 for acquisition. The Crook contains one of the highest concentrations of caves in the Southeast and one of the deepest, Lost Canyon. It is also home to rare flora and fauna such as Ozark bunch flower and dwarf larkspur. 

In 2004, a developer billed the place as a second home development and a mini-Gatlinburg. The Preserve in Rising Fawn, as it was called, promised residential lots and lifestyle amenities for buyers By the end of 2011, the speculative venture got the attention of the FBI. People went to jail and the place languished in the bankruptcy court system. In 2012, a few banks involved in the project donated approximately 400 acres to the Georgia Land Trust and in 2013, the Land Trust bought 1,200 more acres from the bankruptcy court.

The Georgia Land Trust is now currently working with land owners and our partner the Southern Cave Conservacy to work through some of the remaining technical and legal issues. Meetings have been held and you can view the documents from those meetings below by clicking on the links.

The Georgia Land Trust is proud to have had a role in saving this very special place.
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